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Microbiology Internship

Paid non-credit internship (3 months). Research in industry.


Apple Chew

Connect with Apple on LinkedIn if you have any questions:


Would you recommend your internship to a friend?

Yes! I learnt a lot with amazing colleagues.

What were you looking to gain from your experience?

I really wanted to work with a bioremediation company because I was super interested in the field. I wanted to gain an industrial insight and gain microbiology skills.

What attracted you to the company you interned with?

It took me lots of Googling to find the BARFormula company and it's probably the only bioremediation company in Malaysia!

What was a typical working day like?

My tasks and activities include:

• Assisting colleagues in production of microbes and fungus in liquid and semi-solid media

• Sub-culturing bacteria and fungus in TSA and YGC agar

• Isolation of bacteria from wild samples for lignin degradation screening

• Analyze and test claims made by suppliers regarding their products.

• Stability test of bacteria and fungi in batch samples

• Handling and assisting in large-scale biofertilizer fermentation production

What did you enjoy about your internship?


My colleagues! They were the source of news, rants, gossips and jokes!

What was the most challenging part?

Learning new skills quickly and efficiently. I had to do an overnight experiment once with the team; we slept on the couch and took turns to do sampling overnight.

How did the experience benefit your career?

It gave me a great insight into industry research - learning both pros and cons of working in industry. I built a strong relationship with my colleagues and they became my references on my CV to future internships!

What is one advice that you would give to others who are planning to do an internship?

Always email companies even if they don't advertise any internships. They might accept your proposal. That's what happened to me!


Rate your overall internship experience


How much guidance / support did you receive?


General atmosphere during the internship?


How were the networking/ social event opportunities?


How much did the internship  help you to decide on your future career path?


Did the insight help you to understand the company / academia culture?


To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?


Which job sector will go into?


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