Great Minds Think Alike

June 30, 2017

​With genuine love for science and discussion, the Malaysian Bioscience Scholars - UK Chapter was founded in July 2017 with the aims to establish a platform for all science lovers to connect, experience, grow, develop and research.

Four young undergraduate students from University College London came to the idea that with this, young Malaysian scientists would be able to find familiarity and share personal interests to spark innovation. 

MBIOS and the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI)

August 27, 2017

A morning of constructive discussion centred around the issues faced by Malaysian bioscience students in today’s day and age, potential collaboration between MBIOS, MOSTI and its affiliated industries to cultivate young talent to cater to the needs of STEM development in Malaysia, and plans to reach out to Malaysian students to better inform them of the bio-related opportunities available here.

A big thank you to MOSTI, Bioeconomy Academy, The National Institute of Biotechnology Malaysia, and The Malaysian Genome Institute for sending their executives to meet with this bunch of eager and enthusiastic students!

First row (L to R): Nur Ain Shamsudin (Executive, Bioeconomy Academy), Associate Professor Dr. Norihan Mohd Saleh (Research Director, Agro-Biotechnology Institute), Nordina Binti Idris (Deputy Secretary, MOSTI)

Second row (L to R): Dr Zulkeflie Zamrod (Executive Director, Malaysian Genome Institute), Azlan Bin Arifin (Principal Assistant Secretary - Talent Development Division, MOSTI), Alexander Khor (Director of Administrations, MBIOS), Kiar Cher Shen (Vice President, MBIOS), Allyson Choi (President, MBIOS), Isabel Chung (Director of Projects and Events, MBIOS), Chow Yu Zon (Vice President, MBIOS), Lydia Hong (Special Officer, MOSTI)

Not pictured: Prof. Madya Dr. Ramzah Dambul (Deputy Secretary STI), and Mohd Nazrol bin Marzuke (Registrar, MBOT)

BioMalaysia, BioAcademy, BioEconomy!

September 07, 2017

It was a fruitful discussion indeed exploring the potential opportunities we both have to offer. We are honoured with their support and hope for more exciting collaborations in the future! 

It was through this meeting that MBIOS was featured in the inaugural BioMalaysia 2017 in partnership with Bioeconomy Academy.


September 10, 2017

MBIOS has had the huge honour to be invited to take part at BioMalaysia & Asia Pacific Bioeconomy 2017 alongside BioAcademy to project our association and initiatives to help shape the future of the Bioscience community.

We also had a sharing session in BIOCONNECT, where we shared our experiences and our drive that resulted in the forming of MBIOS.

Collaboration with Clinical Research Malaysia

September 12, 2017

It is a pleasure to meet Audrey from CRM for the fruitful meeting.

We are grateful to learn that Clinical Research Malaysia is more than supportive of our mission to empower Malaysian bioscientists around the globe. After the meeting, CRM and MBIOS have decided to advocate for each other, collaborating to provide our members with more clinical research exposure and opportunities and creating an awareness of the clinical research done here in Malaysia.

Industry Inights & Career Coaching Session with Merck Sharpe & Dohme (MSD) Malaysia

September 12, 2017

It was a meaningful evening spent in the MSD Malaysia office for a industry insight session.

We would like to thank MSD Malaysia especially the Managing Director Mr. Christopher for sharing his experiences in pharmaceutical sector, the HR director Mr. Chella for the interesting and fruitful career coaching session, and Ms. Arina for assisting MBIOS during the whole session.

Also, we would like to thank all the participants - we hope that all of you find this session helpful for your career planning.

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