Roles and Description of Board of directors (BOD)


  • Represent the association and navigate its direction.

  • Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the association in accordance with its constitutions and regulations.

  • Ensure the effective interdepartmental communication

  •  Call for and organise General Meetings of the association

  •  Align all members of the association to its vision and mission.

  • Act as a liaison for the main sponsor of MBIOS, Astrazeneca

  • Work closely with BoD and provide necessary assistance and suggestions

  • Finalise and approve sponsorship proposals from Director of External Relations

  • Finalise and approve Annual Project and Events proposal

  • Finalise and approve Annual Research and Development Proposal


  • Work closely with the President

  • Act as the bridge between the president and the directors

  • Work closely with Director of Project and Events to ensure smooth running of project and events

  • Identify and address any issues or problems within the organisation 

  • Ensure departmental goals and deadlines are met 

  • Responsible for the finances and budgeting of the organisation

  • Identify and address any potential improvement for the organisation


  • Work closely with the President and Vice President

  • Identify and build relationships with potential affiliates and sponsors, building the reputation of MBIOS

  • Cultivate an expanding portfolio of members and MBIOS Committee Team

  • Develop compelling pitch deck and representative material of MBIOS

  • Track the progress of sponsor acquisition and oversee the electronic outreach emails and write timely internal and external development correspondence (thank you letters, email correspondence, proposal, and contacts compilation)

  •  Hold regular meetings with potential sponsors

  • Actively liaise with student organisations both international and local, companies and government bodies

  • In collaboration with the marketing and communications team, create opportunities for publicity of MBIOS

  • Recommend initiatives and implement internal changes of MBIOS to increase the value of MBIOS as a platform for companies to promote themselves.

  • Effectively establish and maintain relationships with current affiliates and current main sponsor

  • Act as a liaison for all association activities particularly for external events involving corporate sponsors and other associations from the United Kingdom or otherwise.

  • Secure funding opportunities such as but not limited to: Annual Sponsorship, Event-Generated Sponsorship 

Director of Project & Events

  • Organise and conduct all association events, including our flagship event - MBIOSymposium

  • Create idea/topic for the event and construct the proposal for event

  • Sourcing for speakers, suitable venues (physical event) / platforms (online event)

  • Coordinate with Director of Research and Development and associates to brainstorm for event content and discussion points 

  • Coordinate event budgeting with the Vice President

  • Coordinate with Director of Marketing and Director of External Relations for marketing and promotional efforts

  • Coordinate with Director of Administration for participant handling 

  • Regularly update BOD and associates with the progress

  • Involve all associates in event planning efforts

  • Discuss and create event timeline and plan of action and brief everyone on their tasks before and during the event with the help of all BODs and associates

  • Create post-event reports and debrief committees

Director of marketing

  • Oversee the MBIOS social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website)

  • Manage the promotion and publicity contents for events

  • Create promotional marketing materials 

  • Communicate with members regarding event updates

Director of Research and Development

  • Compile and update publication contents of the website, newsletters, and blog posts

  • Produce weekly articles (Sunday Articles)

  • Prepare and send MBIOS monthly newsletter

  • Conduct research for the advancement of the association’s growth and constructs proposals on topics for events

  • Spearhead the Bio-Mentorship Programme

  • Launch new programs/ activities to promote research awareness and interest

Director of Administration

  • Responsible for all secretarial affairs which include drafting formal letters, statements, agreements, and emails.

  • Create sign-up forms during events and update membership lists regularly.

  • Maintenance of the email domains in Zoho Mail and administrative documents of the association in Google Drive.

  • Communicate to and from the association’s general email by replying to general enquiries or directing enquiries to the relevant departments.

Director of Postgraduate

  • Represent Malaysian Biomedical postgraduate students

  • Expanding MBIOS’s reach to postgraduate students around the world

  • Organize and run monthly Research Insider sessions

  • Communicate with P&E director on certain events

director of pre-u

  • Represent students who are currently pursuing their pre-university studies 

  • Reaching out to students in that level of study to encourage participation in MBIOS events 

  • Proactively contribute ideas on how MBIOS can expand engagement to pre-university students as well (workshops/ application guidance/ mentorship/ etc)

  • Act as a bridge between pre-university students and university students