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We’ve changed things up a bit from previous years and will be running the programme entirely on Facebook through a dedicated group that will act both as a forum for discussion and as a mentorship platform using Facebook’s in-built mentorship feature (https://www.facebook.com/groups/mbiosforum).

If you are interested in mentoring someone or are looking for a mentor yourself, be sure to sign yourself up in the group. For more information on how Facebook mentoring works, please refer to https://socialgood.fb.com/mentorship/.

If there are no mentors available or if you need some advice from the wider MBIOS community, we’ve also prepared a form for you to submit questions or posts that everyone in the group can respond to. Questions don't have to be academic or career-related. Perhaps you'd like to find other Malaysian biosciences students in your area? Submit a post and build a community in your area!



Feel free to send us your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions!

MBIOS Research & Development Team

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