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brian szto

3rd Year, BSc Cell & Molecular Biology

Winona State University

Region of Residence: Minnesota

Maximum number of mentees: 2

Previous Education

SPM (SMK Subang Utama) 
Bachelor of Science (Winona State University) 
Major - Cell&Molecular Biology

Minor - Biochemistry


Biology Tutor, Good grades in subjects such as Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Developmental Biology.

I hope to share...

How to be successful in a Biology degree. 
Networking and connections. 
How to decide on a specific field of Biology to go into. 
My social experience as a Biology major.

I'm looking for mentees that have...

Open mindedness, and willing to receive constructive criticisms.

Mentor rating


Academic assistance: ★★★ 

Career insights: ★★★

Internship applications: ★★★

Updates on opportunities: ★★★

Personal development: ★

Networking: ★★★

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