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career opportunities

MBIOS is not affiliated with any of the institutions or funding providers we have listed here.

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Page last updated 16/08/2020

Below we have listed links to pages which regularly advertise opportunities or to institutions which run annual programmes.   

For more regular updates, check out these lists:

Prospective Undergraduates

Application Tips and Scholarships


Internship Opportunities (UK & EU) 

*Note that due to COVID-19, some of these schemes and programmes may have been suspended for the current year

Academia-related Opportunities

Industry/Consulting Internships

Science Communication Internships

Prospective Postgraduates

General Information 


PhD Programmes

Note: Do check these links regularly as they may update the information listed for the upcoming academic year. is also a great resource but take note of the funding criteria for each project

Postgraduate Funding


University websites are a great place to start when looking for job/fellowship opportunities in academia

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