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Cancer Research Malaysia

Cancer Research Internship

Paid non-credit internship (10 weeks). Research in industry.


Would you recommend your internship to a friend?

Yes. The people, the working environment and the projects which CRM have to offer are great. It is invaluable research experience for students who are exploring research as a career option.

Yeap Hui Wen

Connect with Hui Wen on LinkedIn if you have any questions:

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What were you looking to gain from your experience?

At that time, I was exploring different career options and cancer research is one of them. I wanted to gain some technical skills and to experience the working culture in a research lab in Malaysia.

What attracted you to the company you interned with?

Cancer Research Malaysia (CRM) is a non-profit organization in Malaysia that carries out cancer research targeted towards our Asian population. I joined the breast cancer research team because of the prevalence of the disease among Malaysian women and I wished to learn how I could contribute.

What was a typical working day like?

I worked on normal working hours. I was assigned to a computational project but RStudio (a programming language) was completely new to me. I spent most of the time learning how to use RStudio to clean and analyze data from my supervisor. I also attend weekly meetings and occasionally help my colleagues with data entries.

What did you enjoy about your internship?

My supervisor was very helpful and supportive. She guided me in my project but also motivated me to work independently and generate ideas for my project. I appreciated the opportunities to work on other projects to better understand the different research done at CRM.

What was the most challenging part?

Learning RStudio is the most challenging part to me because I had no prior experience in programming language.

How did the experience benefit your career?

It has helped me to discover my passion in biomedical research and as a career option. My experience in doing data analysis has benefited my current Master's project. I am also grateful for my supervisor who is still a mentor to me even after I completed the internship.

What is one advice that you would give to others who are planning to do an internship?

Be open to different internship options because in research, the experience and skills which you gain are the building blocks of your career.

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