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Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Molecular Medicine Internship

Unpaid credit internship (3 months). Research in academia.


Ayappa A/L V.Subramaniam

Connect with Ayappa on LinkedIn if you have any questions:

Would you recommend your internship to a friend?

Yes. Hands-on skills are lifelong skills. The best way to learn is by doing it yourself.

What were you looking to gain from your experience?

Hands-on skills and experience

What attracted you to the company you interned with?

The field of research

What was a typical working day like?

8am to 5pm. Mostly cell culture based work but had the opportunity to learn animal handling and animal study experiments.

What did you enjoy about your internship?

Great seniors who were ever so ready to teach and assist with patience.

What was the most challenging part?

Carrying out my own project which involved using equipments and protocols which i was never familiar with.

How did the experience benefit your career?

Currently a PhD student under the same supervisor who took me for my internship.

What is one advice that you would give to others who are planning to do an internship?

Don't stop learning but don't pester your seniors everyday to learn. They have their own experiments and problems too. Be independent and read a lot to know more about what you are supposed to do instead of expecting your seniors to spoon-feed all the time.

Rate your overall internship experience


How much guidance / support did you receive?


General atmosphere during the internship?


How were the networking/ social event opportunities?


How much did the internship  help you to decide on your future career path?


Did the insight help you to understand the company / academia culture?


To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?


Which job sector will go into?

Government sector

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