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Jia lih wong

PhD in Molecular & Cellular Physiology


Region of Residence: Malaysia

Maximum number of mentees: 5

Previous Education

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, University of Hull - First Class 
PhD Physiology in Cancer Research, University of Liverpool


  • Awarded Best Departmental Student of School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool for 3 consecutive years (2005-2008). 

  • Completed a summer research placement at University of Leeds (2007). 

  • Awarded Cancer Research UK PhD Studentship (worth GBP 35000-40000 per annum) (2008-2012). 

  • Awarded International Student Scholarship by Physiology Department, University of Liverpool (GBP 5000 per annum) (2008-2012). 

  • Did PhD research in a lab that has wide network of collaboration, including academic researchers and industrial researchers (2008-2012). 

  • Attended multiple international scientific conferences and networked with scientists from various disciplines (2009-2012). 

  • Represented University of Liverpool to participate in Youth Entrepreneur Scheme Biotechnology Competition, and was exposed to the interface of science and commerce (2011). 

  • Worked in a Japanese Intellectual Property firm (SHUSAKU YAMAMOTO) as a Biotech Patent Specialist and became the team leader for the Biotech team (2013-2017).   

  • Currently enrolled in LLB Law, University of London International Programmes, which is a distance learning programme and completed year 1 subjects.

I hope to share...

  • How to maximize the learning experience as an undergraduate. 

  • How to prepare for PhD applications. 

  • How to succeed in PhD research. 

  • Exploring job opportunities beyond academic and research field. 

  • The commercial aspect of scientific research. 

  • Intellectual property related knowledge. 

  • Career planning.

I'm looking for mentees that are...

  • Self-dedicated

  • Keen learner

  • Proactive

other details

Mentor rating

Promptness of response: Within 2-4 weeks


Academic assistance: ★★ 

Career insights: ★★★

Internship applications: ★★

Updates on opportunities: ★★★

Personal development: ★

Networking: ★★

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