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manisha coran

3rd Year, MB Bch BAO (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor in the Art of Obstetrics) Medicine 

Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Region of Residence: Penang

Maximum number of mentees: 5

Previous Education

Cambridge A-Levels - Taylor's College Subang Jaya 
SPM -SMJK Chung Hwa 


I hope the link to my (incomplete) LinkedIn profile works, if not: 

Mentoring experience: My mentoring experience started as far back as when was 12 when I had to mentor a peer for UPSR. After that, I've lead study groups and Peer-Led Teaching groups. 
Work experience: Biobanking, Research Assistant, UNICEF Events Director, Irish Cancer Society Volunteer   
Non-academic: Was recently nominated for Library Worm AND Most Involved Award (which is quite paradoxical) in RCSI.

I hope to share...

My experiences, the good and especially the bad because I've always wished I had a guidebook to tell me what not to do in uni. I would also like to encourage fellow mentees to step out of their comfort zones because it is truly rewarding. I would also be able to advise on social assimilation, getting the most out of your summer work experience, travelling around Europe and academia (although that is subjective because what might work for me might not work for others ;) )

I'm looking for mentees that...

My experience is largely based on my years as a medical student, I would not really be well-versed in the Biochem/BioMed field. So I believe that my mentorship would be most relevant and useful for med students.

Mentor rating

Promptness of response: Twice for the session


Internship applications: ★★★★

Updates on opportunities: ★★★

Personal development: ★

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