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Our pillars

Connect | Experience | Develop | Grow | Research


To nurture young leaders and scientists in developing creative thinking and critical career skillsets

About us

Malaysian Bioscience Scholars (MBIOS) is a student-led academic and inquisitive association that aims to serve Malaysian students in pursuit of bioscience careers all around the world.


Founded in 2017 - we aspire to become the primary hub of talent cultivation for Malaysian bioscience students via providing an effective medium for members to interact in and subsequently connecting them to industries back home in Malaysia; running alongside the nation’s plans to establish the biotechnology sector as a key economic driver by 2020.


As such, MBIOS strives to enrich the bioscience students' experience with impactful events, academic assistance and debates on ideas based on our 5 founding pillars of Connect, Experience, Develop, Grow and Research within an increasingly significant and pivotal field.

Mission Statement

  • To create and establish an accessible platform where all life-sciences students from the United Kingdom and across the world are able to Connect, Experience, Develop, Grow and Conduct Research within the fields of Biological and Life Sciences;

  • To operate as an intermediary between the Malaysian students and both local & International Industrial Bio-enterprises.

  • To nurture young leaders and scientists in developing creative thinking and critical career skillsets;

  • To apperceive, integrate and critically analyse the opinions and concerns of the Malaysian students within our community in respect to the growth of Bio-industries in our nation and abroad;

  • To cultivate global, innovative, and academic knowledge of the biosciences in anticipation to contribute towards the nation’s growth and development in the biological and life sciences sector;

  • To advocate for awareness and better understanding between the Malaysian Government, public & private entities and the community of this organisation;

  • To foster fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships and/or affiliations with equally devoted organisations or student bodies by the means of collaborating and cooperatively promote the good causes of respective entities;

  • To aggregate and propagate prevailing news, information, statistics and scientific discoveries relating to any and all biological or life sciences area of research;

  • To encourage exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities within life sciences.


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